Terms & Conditions

Our strive is to make your bridal shopping enjoyable and see a happy bride leaving our salon, however you should be aware of signing our Rental Agreement with a few Terms and Conditions when renting our dress/es.

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POLICY/Terms & Conditions of rental:

• Renter (I) agrees that the item/s rented belong to Bride’s First Choice – Bridal Rental Salon (We) and will be used in a manner which it was reserved for, and the Renter will return all the hired items in the original packaging as received in (garment bag/s , hangers, etc.) otherwise up to €20 per dress is deducted from your refundable deposit if any of the packaging items are missing.
  • A Refundable Deposit is required along with Balance Due on the collection day. Wedding dress – €150; Bridesmaid dress/ Communion dress – €50; Flower girl- €25. The deposit is issued back when the hired item/s returned.

• Unrepairable rips, tears, burn /broken or lost items off the dress/es or accessories, or unremovable stains will cause deduction or loss of the refundable deposit.

However, there is no charge or penalty for slight stains as dirt, blood, alcohol, cosmetics, soil, grass, oil, basic spots.
• Do not have dress/es altered! unless it is agreed. If I do, I will forfeit my deposit. (Dress/es must not be altered permanently and should be undone to it’s original state). Any alterations are to be made by professionals only!
• If I fail to return the rented items on time, that is within 7 days I agree to pay for additional rental fee (*See late rental fee for each item rented).
• I agree that in the event that the Dress is not returned within 7 working days, it will be assumed by Brides First Choice that the Dress has been lost and / or stolen and  the Gardaí may be notified and my details may be shared with the Gardaí for this purpose.
• Cancellations must be made (for in-stock items) no less than two (2) weeks prior to the event date. If
cancellation is made less than two (2) weeks inclusive to the wear date, the renter will be charged 50%
of the total cost of rental.
• Cancellations cannot be made for special order items. Otherwise the full rental fee is to be charged.
• Please be aware of smoking when wearing a rented dress, as this is the highest risk relative to irreparable damage to the dress, and such burn damage of the dress will invariably lead to the dress being non-returnable and a full dress price (balance) will be charged.
•Late return fee €10 per day for each rented item.
I hereby understand all the above terms and conditions. I will be responsible for all items listed.
Client Signature: _____________________Print: ____________________________________   Date:___/___/20___
*We, Bride’s First Choice – Bridal Rental Salon, guarantee the dress/es and accessories will be clean and available for pick-up several days (normally 2 weeks, to be on a safe side) before requested date. ** Dry cleaning is included in your rental fee. Do Not have the dress/es dry-cleaned! It is already part of your rental price.

With Many Thanks!!!!